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Mother Earth Network is a faith-based network that provide international platform to plan for collective local, national and international advocacy, capacity building and awareness on environmental issues.


The Network is composed of civil societies, corporate bodies, faith based organizations, government agencies and institutions of learning involved in environmental conservation and management to provide advocacy synergies, dialogue and information sharing on issues affecting environment in Kenya.

Our Focus

We raise awareness among stakeholders while at the same time building their capacity in tree planting and environmental conservation and management. We also mobilize stakeholders for participation in policy formulation, implementation, networking and partnership creation.

Our Mission

To provide an international platform for collective advocacy and information sharing on protection, restoration, conservation of forests and environmental management.

Our Vision

To make the world a greener place for the well- being and sustainability of people.

Our Core Values

Respect for diversity. Dedication to our mission. Determination to make the world greener. Accountability and transparency.