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Mother Earth Network endeavors to educate the population on the importance of expansion of the forest cover and promotion of biodiversity. It is important that we share knowledge and information so that together we can improve the environment in which we live.

Creation of Awareness

By creating awareness on how we should interact with nature in a positive manner, Mother Earth casts no doubt that the environment will be more friendly to humanity today and in future.

Tree Growing

It is not enough to plant a tree; it is important that we protect and nurture trees that we plant; see to it that they grow to maturity. This is not optional but a moral and spiritual obligation to the inhabitants of the world. The status quo, where forest cover has been depleted can only be countered by a serious undertaking where one ensures that trees survive and grow to maturity.

Community mobilization

In many cases, people require an initiator. Mother Earth mobilizes and sensitizes the general population by organizing workshops and seminars on tree growing. Various experts are invited to handle technical areas on environmental issues before, during, and after the launching of projects. Implementation of projects becomes easy and effective when this happens. It is also a way of making the projects sustainable.