This is one of our new projects which is situated in Rangwe Sub-County. Here we are working in partnership with St. Theresa Asumbi Catholic Church, Homa Bay.

We have visited the place twice and had very positive discussions with the members of the Agriculture and Environment Committee. Two thousand and two trees were planted on 24/09/ 2022. The area ecosystem will improve greatly.

In 1913 when the first two missionaries (Fr. Bouma and Philip Schaeffer) arrived here, Asumbi is said to have been densely forested. The aim of this project is to restore forest cover that was there when the missionaries arrived.

Two groups that spearhead environmental issues were formed during our stay there. The Catechists and other religious leaders will be instrumental in Asumbi tree growing project. Scheduled meetings are taking place on regular basis to ensure that the project is successful.

A tree nursery will be established there soon and one million trees planted. According to Fr. Peter Kirowo, our visit here is perceived as a beginning of another evangelization but at the heart of creation.