We intend to partner with Vihiga County Government. Our team visited Maragoli hills on 29th June2022 and witnessed destruction that has taken place due to decades of land degradation. The hills rise to an elevation of 1600m to 1950m above sea level. The degradation of the forest manifests in its current situation of subdued amount of rainfall intensity.

There are 14 rivers originating from the hills. Because of the degraded landscapes most of these rivers and springs are currently associated with low water yields. Condition of degraded river banks are also prevalent.

Our aim is to restore, increase forest cover, conserve biodiversity and improve the landscape. The area supports a human population of approximately 1078 per km square. The area that is readily available for rehabilitation is approximately 456.8 hectares. The residents of Vihiga County shall be the main beneficiaries and the expected benefits are: improved ecosystem services such as increased precipitation, reduced soil erosion, increased fresh air, enhanced aesthetics and increased income through tourism.